Baby steps

My personal goal for 2017 is to walk for 100 miles. 

No, it will not be for one day walking. I made a list of circular walks that I can do in the weekend. Before I can do any serious walking, I have to do shorter walks in our town so I can get used to it and also to break in my new walking shoes. I bought a pair of Regatta walking shoes. I wouldn’t commit to an expensive pair just in case I decide I don’t want to go walking anymore.

My first walk was just around the Central Park and woodlands near the crematorium. This is one of the usual walks we have done in the past. In the spring, this area will be filled with wild garlic and bluebells. But it is still winter, none of these beautiful things are out yet to distract me from the tiredness and discomfort any new shoes gives me. 

The walk has few elevations that had got me huffing and puffing – proving how unfit I am at the moment. This almost convinced me that walking for more than five miles will kill me off. We have walked for an hour and a half; and it came up to 4.81 miles. Not a bad start – I just need 95.19 miles more for the rest of the year. 

I have downloaded an app, MapMyWalk, to keep track of my progress. I also have my fitness tracker, Polar Loop 2 for my steps and activity counter. Because iPhone has crappy battery life, I bought myself an Anker power bank. I have thought of everything I can use for the walk but forgot the most important thing – WATER. (22/01/2017)

Time to break these in
Ridge Walk


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