By the beck 

The sun was out and it looked deceptively warm outside last Sunday. We decided not to waste the day. I left it to the husband to decide where to go for a walk. 

We headed to the southern part of the town. I thought he was taking us to Twigmoor Woods or some other woodlands. 

Our second walk was by the beck – Bottesford Beck Linear Park Walk.

This is a popular place for walkers, joggers, cyclists and dogs (with their owners). If you are starting from Messingham Road, you can park your car on the layby near the start of the trail. 

I have lived in this town for nearly eight years and this is my first time here. I thought it was just a path along the beck. Bottesford Beck Linear Park is a rich habitat that provides home to some animals like the water voles, kingfishers and to over 100 species of wild flowers. 

At the start of the walk, the traffic noises from the nearby motorway is noticeable, but it became quieter as you walked farther along. 

The beck is next to a housing estate; you might occasionally glance at someone’s backyard. 

There is a bridge farther down the trail. If you wish to have a break, cross the bridge and walk for another quarter of a mile to Pink Pig Farm. (See photo above)

The 3 mile trail takes you to Ashbyville Local Nature Reserve. We walked around the pond, saw few birds and a couple of guys on a jetski. 

Because Morrisons is conveniently next to the pond, we ventured in to get water, small packet of sliced mango and two mini pork pies. Yes, I forgot water again. 

We went back on the same trail to the car. As we approached the bridge to Pink Pig, a squirrel crossed the path and climbed up the tree. I stopped to take a photo, Mr Squirrel posed for it and scampered away right after. 

My iPhone shit down at that point. I didn’t bring my Anker power bank. A screenshot of the map below will show where my iPhone died on me. Thankfully, the husband has been tracking our walk on his Polar V800. 

We walked for 6 miles in two hours. I was tired but happy to have done 10.81 miles already this January. I guess I can do the 100 miles after all. (29/01/2017)

Mr Squirrel posing for a photo
Ashbyville Local Nature Reserve
Farmlands across the beck
Can you see the steelworks?


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