Crepes and Galettes

We were meandering around the market yesterday morning when we saw this blue vintage Citroen truck selling crepes and galettes. The business is called Kreptruck. It is being run by a very nice couple.

I usually go for the Nutella crepe but the galette menu looked enticing. I was torn between hummus and piquante. I decided to have the latter as I am craving for something spicy.

Before I continue, let’s see the difference between crêpe and galette. Crêpe or crepe is a very thin pancake made of wheat flour (crêpes de froment), or buckwheat (galette).

So my choice contains homemade pork loin, chilli peppers, cheddar,sundried tomatoes and chimichurri. He asked me how spicy I wanted it and also added black peppers at the end.

It was delicious and great value for money. The price ranges from £4 -£6. If it wasn’t that big, I would have ordered a crepe with dulce de leche and sea salt.

Kreptruck can be found in the Shambles Market in York. I am following their Instagram page. See the boomerang post below of how they made my galette.

“Piquante” Galette

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