Nature Reserve by the Bridge

Nestled by the River Humber is a 110 acre country park and nature reserve with various walking paths and other activities for everyone to enjoy.

We came here today for a walk around the nature reserve. Our walk started from the car park next to the visitors’ centre.  We followed the Nev Cole Way by the river bank for less than a mile before turning onto the Pasture Road.

From this road we can see from afar the North Lincolnshire and Humberside Sailing Club. Father down the road, we saw few private roads leading to fishing areas.

There is a cafe/tackle shop which we didn’t bother looking into but it looked nice from the outside. We also saw a holiday cottage called Marshlands, a six berth accommodation, which may be appealing to anyone interested in fishing or nature reserves.

Few metres from the cottage we found the entrance to the nature reserve. There are several routes suggested on the map by the entrance. We decided not to follow a specific one.

With the sunny weather, we met many people along the paths. The place is quite peaceful. There are view points and follies where people can just stop and soak the atmosphere.

We found ourselves back on Nev Cole Way and walked few yards before we decided to have a break at the cafe inside the visitors centre. We had lattes, scone and a slice of cake.

I have checked my MapMyWalk app while having my coffee. It barely walked four miles so I asked the husband if he is okay with my idea to cross the Humber Bridge to gain more mileage.

This was my third time to walk across and back. In this time of the year, it is still cold. Luckily my jacket was sufficient enough to stop me from complaining how cold I am.

The Humber Bridge, near Kingston upon Hull, England, is a 2,220-metre single-span suspension bridge, which opened to traffic on 24 June 1981. It was the longest of its type in the world when opened, and is now the eighth-longest.

It took us nearly an hour to walk across and back. We stopped few times to take photos. Sometimes we had to slow down because of the people (or children) walking in front of us, or because of the wind.

Halfway across the bridge I had to put up my hoodie because it’s so windy, my hair will be a mess by the end of the walk. But the windswept hair is the least of my worries.

On the way back to the car park, I can feel a blister on my sole. I knew I wore the wrong shoes today. My Merrell Pace Glove is great but not for long walks like today.

This third walk took us 7.83 miles. I now have 18.64 miles done for my 100 mile walk.

The view from the start of our walk
Nev Cole Way
My Merrell Pace Glove is not suitable for the muddy paths
Pasture Road N
Heading to the Visitors’ Centre
Finally, we have sustenance…
From the Lincolnshire end of the bridge, we started the crossing
The tile factory and Nev Cole Way towards South Ferriby
Just the husband monkeying around
The rail tracks and Clive Sullivan Way
At the Yorkshire end of the bridge – the husband said I looked windswept but wonderful.
Our walking route using MapMyWalk app

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