Crossing the Stream in the Sky

Last week we went to Wales for only one reason – to see and walk across the Pontycysyllte Aqueduct. My parents-in-law have told me about this aqueduct when we went on a boating holiday with them in 2014. It was also shown recently on Channel 5’s Celebrity Carry On Barging. My interest on the place was revived – i have the Easter week off so why not visit it.

Don’t look down!

I do have a fear of height and water, even if the depth of the aqueduct is only 1.5 metre  (i cannot swim). Those who have not been to this aqueduct, imagine a width of about 1 metre. That’s the towpath you will have to walk on to cross it.

I knew what I am up against and I was excited going there. The weather wasn’t great when we arrived. It was a little too breezy to my liking. I wont be a wuss this time. With one hand holding on to the railing, I started crossing the aqueduct.

Despite the gloomy weather, the views were beautiful. I was so scared crossing it that i didn’t dare take photos. When my husband pointed out the sewage station underneath us, it made me more scared. I don’t want to fall into a pile of poop. Overthinking is not good but I couldn’t help it at that time.

As soon as we were on the other side, I felt so relieved and triumphant (a little). The Llangollen Canal (or any canal) looked so tranquil. We walked past a narrow boat turned into a sweet shop. My mother in law stopped to buy some old fashioned  candies.

Farther down, we saw a swing bridge. I insisted on waiting for the narrow boat to go past so i can see a swing bridge in action.

As soon as the narrow boats left the swing bridge, we headed back to the car park because of the dark clouds in the horizon. This time I have my GoPro on and the husband was forced to take photos using my Lumix camera.

Yes, I was less scared this time. I even stopped few times to take photos on my iPhone. Still it was a scary 6 minute crossing. All recorded on the GoPro. We decided to check out the path underneath the aqueduct.

It took us to a viewpoint where you can see the entire aqueduct. I might be visiting this place again so I can do the suggested canal walk where you get to cross two aqueducts, pass through tunnels. We didn’t do it this time because my parents in laws are not physically capable of walking that long anymore.

There is a visitor centre near the car park. You will also find a cafe across the canal, a narrow boat company where you can hire a boat for the day or more, and another company company that offers 45 minute boat trip across the aqueduct.

This is me proudly pointing at the Aqueduct and feeling smug for not being the wuss of the day. 



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