Destination: Shrewsbury

On our way home from Wales, we stopped in Shrewsbury. I visited this town in 2010 and it had a lasting impression on me. This time we were only there for a couple of hours because we have ran out of coins to pay for parking. 

If you’re not going inside any museums or buildings due to lack of time, walk around the town and marvel at the beautiful black and white buildings or stroll by the river side. 

Or visit Quarry Park where you can find a little oasis, The Dingle. The flowers were in full blooms. It was like being transported to Netherlands during tulip season. 

We walked up to the Shrewsbury Castle and climbed to Laura’s tower. It is one of few places in Shrewsbury that gives you panoramic views of the town. It is free to enter this. They only charge if you go to the museum. 

Also Shrewsbury was the home of Charles Darwin. That was the only thing I knew about this town in 2010. You’ll find his statue outside the library. 

It was a short but sweet visit. I kept promising myself that I’d come for a weekend and explore it properly. But until then I was happy just to walk around and take photos. 


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