Planning our rail travel

We have booked a tour in Eastern Europe for my birthday. The trip starts in Munich – so we need to make our way there. The husband prefers taking the train, instead of flying.

From where we live, it will take four train rides and a total of fifteen hours to reach Munich. Whew!

I love flying – but the husband would rather take the alternative transport. Marriage is all about compromise so i gave in and we shall take the train to Munich. when we started plotting our route, I became excited at the prospect of being able to visit the cities we have our transfers.

The Man in Seat 61 has become our go to website for tips. Great website for any train travels.

First, if you are from the UK you need to get yourself a railcard. Because we use the train often for our holidays, the Two Together Railcard makes the travel cheaper. Now Virgin Trains can let you book your tickets as early as 120 days before your trip.  For a first class ticket from Doncaster to London, we only paid £25.50 each. No brainer!

To avail the cheapest possible train ticket, we were constantly checking Eurostar and Bahn websites. Our holiday is still few months away but we have started buying the European train tickets two months ago. We did look into getting InterRail Pass but buying separate tickets cost cheaper.

As i write this post, I have just bought our return journey from London to Doncaster (oops – first class again). All I am waiting now is for the return journey from Munich to go on sale and we are sorted. I will just have to apply for my Schengen visa.

It will be fun traveling on different trains, Virgin Trains, Eurostar, ICE and TGV.

Next task is to learn more about the places we are visiting.


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